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I've always been very musical... I have been singing since the age of four. I am in senior high school at the moment and love to write songs and poetry. Make a note that most of my entries are infact songs and I apologise and know that this is 'Poem Hunter'. I play the piano, guitar and sing. I am a drama/ english nerd. I also have a knack for foreign languages and speak fluent indonesian, tetum (language of East Timor) and german (because my little half brothers are german! and i kind of have to to communicate with them!) When I am older I wish to either pursue a career as a composer/ lyricist/ singer/ performer (they all really come together as one big thing...) or become a Primary School Teacher which seems to be a more stable/realistic bet. Overall my aim is to write poetry from both my own views and through the eyes of others that cant speak for themselves
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Lyrael Myrna's Works:

I wish I was a teddy bear
Someone thinks I'm human
Where did you get that spoon from?
The Duck, the cake and the electric fry pan
What makes us want to lead a normal life?
Spoonerisms and find to where them
Goose, Goose, DUCK! Updates

A Sick Man

A sick man deprived of Love, alone
Steals the love that others own
He wants, He needs, He Thirsts, He taunts
Till love is just a thing that’s earned
He doesn’t know how to love anymore
Even what love is- he now ignores
Belief in such that love begins by
Receiving one small kiss
Is this love? Is it bliss?

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