M.A.K. Pathan

Rookie (21 Nov.1989 / Sagwara, Rajasthan, India)

Biography of M.A.K. Pathan

M.A.K. Pathan is an MBA+PGPM student, a mechanical engineer, a blogger (writer) and a cheerful person who loves to read books, watch movies, listen to music, drive his car, make presentations, talk to new people and admire the natural beauty.

Born in a suburb area of Rajasthan, a state of India, on 21 Nov.1989, the author went on to become a science student. Learned from his life experiences, his parents, mentors and peers, he became a better human being and a competitive student.

Now the author is pursuing PGPM+MBA course from IWSB, a B School in Greater Noida, India. He share his writings through poemhunter.com and his personal blog: makpathan.wordpress.com

M.A.K. Pathan's Works:

Blog: makpathan.wordpress.com

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Just One Smile

Smile, smile and smile,
Will make your life versatile,
Like a linn in the isle.

Smile can give you boundless joy,
It is the greatest eternal toy.
If smile is absent,
Your life will destroy.

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