M A Uzefa Rashida

Gold Star - 5,338 Points (16-08-1976 / Pernambut, Vellore District, Tamil nadu, India)

M A Uzefa Rashida Quotes

  • ''Words playful make your thoughts played well and paid well''
    poets and writers or authors
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  • ''Great minds have great ways to understand the lessons life teaches''
    poets and philosophers
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  • ''The submission to the will of the creator will always keep you happy and content.''
    philosophy of life
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  • ''Morals are learnt and followed when life gives you everything you desire, its hard to keep up your morals when life deprives you of even food and clothing and a decent living.''
    The One-act play 'Soul Gone Home' by Langston Hughes.
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  • ''Don't be rude to anyone, behold your tongue cause your own impolite words would stab your back someday.''
    being courteous
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  • ''Beauty that is a creation in the form of a woman created by the Great Creator of all beings.''
    beauty and women
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  • ''Like dawn, Hope brings light to our confidence and motivates us to seek success.''
    hope, confidence and success
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  • ''Poets great or small, have got to speak a lot, from experiences and failures, they do give us a lesson everyday.''
    poets and experience
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Best Poem of M A Uzefa Rashida

The Precious

Dry and yellow, the leaves when turn
They know that its time for them to return
They fall from the trees, right on the ground
Buried they get soon, never to be found.

They were born from the soil, tiny, shiny and green
Looked towards the sun, growing from a bean
They turned to be sturdy, strong and high
Smiling at the clouds and birds that fly.

All through their life, as years passed on by
They bore flowers and fruits, to give some joy.
Selfless, loving, giving and sharing, all that was theirs
The tree parts away with all that it bears.

Guiding ...

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Come let's wait for the day to break,
Birds to sing and a night to dawn,
Let's hope to see a bright new day,
Fill sweet smell on a sweet fine morn.

Things do change and come our way,
Chances golden, like the morning sunray
Spreading the warmth and light far, for
Every flow'r and millions and millions everyday.

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