M. Asim Nehal

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M. Asim Nehal Poems

1. Senryu Series ~ 2 (Just Strive) 8/17/2015
2. Leave Me Alone! ! ! 8/17/2015
3. Diamante Poem 8/17/2015
4. Senryu- 3 (Fate) 8/17/2015
5. Haiku - 2 Patience Testified 8/18/2015
6. Silence Please................... 8/19/2015
7. The Three Devils...... 8/21/2015
8. My Dreams Come... 8/22/2015
9. Be Positive! ! ! ! ! 8/22/2015
10. A Poet's Autopsy - Humorous Poem 8/22/2015
11. Sleepless Night - 8/22/2015
12. Raiment Of Hopes - 8/22/2015
13. सौर्मंडल का राजा 8/22/2015
14. Haiku - 3 Harmony Among Squirrels 8/23/2015
15. O Baby, Please Don'T Cry! ! ! 8/23/2015
16. Noisy Feast 8/23/2015
17. Come With Me…….To The Seashore 8/23/2015
18. Rubaiyat - Disguise Games 8/23/2015
19. Senryu Series ~ 4 8/24/2015
20. Caravan......................... 8/24/2015
21. Two Lost Souls ! ! ! ! ! 8/25/2015
22. Gratitude 8/25/2015
23. Mirror! ! ! ! 8/25/2015
24. In Your Love......! ! ! ! ! ! ! 8/26/2015
25. A Face Unseen 8/26/2015
26. Inner Light 8/26/2015
27. My Soul In Unknown Body - Rubaiyat 8/26/2015
28. I See My Love Blossom ♥ 8/27/2015
29. Life Around Fire 8/27/2015
30. Drained - Rubaiyat 8/28/2015
31. Man Proposes But God Disposes. 8/28/2015
32. Your Reflection 8/28/2015
33. Haiku - 4 Mission Accomplished - 8/29/2015
34. Parrot And Crow - In Conversation 8/29/2015
35. A Trophy Wife 8/29/2015
36. A Failed Leader 8/29/2015
37. किस किस की सुने इस दुनिया में 8/29/2015
38. What We Do! ! ! ! ! ! ! 8/29/2015
39. Senryu - 5 (Reward) 8/29/2015
40. Survival - 8/29/2015

Comments about M. Asim Nehal

  • Abhilasha Bhatt Abhilasha Bhatt (12/31/2016 5:31:00 AM)

    For me Asim sir is my favorite poet on PH.....a true poet he is.....an extraordinary poet who can write each and every form of poem.....He is marvelous in English poetry and tremendous in hindi and urdu.....I love the way he compose the words.....whenever I use to read his amazing creations I learn something new.....his wonderful comments inspires me to write more.... Asim sir gave me two nick names....I loved those....may god always bless him with lots of love, happiness and peace in his life ahead.... :)

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    0 person did not like.
  • Kumarmani Mahakul Kumarmani Mahakul (9/5/2016 10:51:00 AM)

    Mohammad Asiam Nehal is an amazing and talented Indian poet of this age who has gifted qualities of writing of various types of poems. I have gone through many of his poems and I have found them marvelous and very interesting. Not only he writes Haikus, Limericks, Ghazalas, Nazm in both Hindi and English but also writes many other forms of poems. He expresses humor and metaphors very well. His writings touche the hearts of many readers. His poems are very simple to understand and these cover the areas like nature, society, culture, life, love etc. Very often he reflects deep philosophical values in his writings. He is definitely a poetic gem in this world. In spite of his busy life being a chartered accountant still he devotes time for literary service. I always wish him all the best. May God bring lots of happiness for him and his family.

  • T Rajan Evol (6/17/2016 6:02:00 AM)

    The more I read M.Asim Nehal, the more I want from him, he write something which takes the reader to a different world. The choices of words, the experience, wisdom and the philosophy is icing on the cake. I wish him my very best wishes, Stay blessed.

  • Md. Anisur Rahman Md. Anisur Rahman (5/5/2016 1:27:00 AM)

    I like your all poems.Your poems includes Renaissance.

  • Mihaela Pirjol Mihaela Pirjol (4/27/2016 11:03:00 AM)

    Nehal is a poet of profundity and wisdom, delving into the core of human soul, extracting the essence of it and conveying it with an amazing poetic dexterity.

  • Aarzoo Mehek Aarzoo Mehek (2/24/2016 8:13:00 AM)

    Asim! a brilliant versatile poet. I'am glad to come across a poet whose poems are filled with romance, truth and sensitivity. He is quite adaptive and expresses quite well in both the languages. His poems has the serenity to fill anybody's heart with peace and love. I wish him all the luck in the field of poetry. Tons of wishes and duaz.

  • Nosheen Irfan Nosheen Irfan (12/31/2015 10:46:00 AM)

    A beautiful poetic soul who writes from the depths of heart. It's a pleasure to come across his poetry on this site. Versatile and mature. His verse has range n rhythm. He is definitely one of the best. Wish him a bright name in the poetry world.

  • Md. Anisur Rahman Md. Anisur Rahman (12/7/2015 7:09:00 AM)

    dear poet

    you are a brillient writer and poet.I hope you will submit a lot of poems.

  • Souren Mondal Souren Mondal (11/30/2015 10:44:00 AM)

    Very few poets in this site has the versitality that Asim Nehal shows. His poems are in two languages, and both his English and Hindi poems (with just the right dose of Urdu in them) are sure to leave you awestruck. But the best part about his poetry is how he writes so many different forms of poetry. Haiku, Senryu and all sorts of poetic forms are to be found in his poems, and he excels in them all. But his ghazals hold a special place in my heart. I wish him all the best and hope we will continue to read the beautiful poems from a beautiful human being that Asim is...

    Thanks Asim for being a part of this community :)

  • Darren Jkoeryo (11/12/2015 5:55:00 AM)

    You write poetry that touches heart. Your expressions are fantastic and beyond doubt you will rise above others. Your poetic sense is very strong. Wisdom in your verses, Life in your lines, love and passion in your pen is something to mention on your page in particular, God Bless you.

Best Poem of M. Asim Nehal

For My Sister - With Love

When I asked sea about the Pearls,
It laughed and said that is one of my lovely jewels.

When I asked about light to the sun!
Overjoyed, he uttered there is no life without it.

I asked river, What pleases its heart?
And she said, to become lovely waterfall.

I asked flowers; tell me why thy blossom is for?
To play with the wind, the scent waft, Byron persecutes, and for it I live.

I asked moon, tell me your purpose of life?
To come at night play with stars and allure with waves and play hide and seek.

When I asked Mount, What is the purpose ...

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Silence Please......

They have become a silent story
a story written on stones and bricks
and each brick narrates a different story
touch them, run your hand they will come alive
and speak to you of passion, betrayal, envy,
compassion, deceit, and death, everything...

Sometimes I feel they were built as ruins
and all the grandeur was added to them later.

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