M Asim Nehal Quotes

29 August 2015

How innocent I am, I don't know the person who lives in me And I try to access everyone I meet. How innocent I am, I spent time in exploring galaxies and far worlds Whereas my immediate neighbors are alien to me. How innocent I am, To think about my future and plan for it When moments are slipping from me presently.

05 September 2015

They will never say what all Good you did. But will always point a finger on what you missed. They enjoy their success in finding your faults, You continue doing what your heart wants.

07 September 2015

Never close your lips for those, to whom you have opened your heart ♥

07 September 2015

Virtues are like firewall that protect us from evils, Live this life with simplicity without nurturing evils.

09 September 2015

Love is a deep sea, no swimmer has ever crossed nor found the pearl of peace or inner tranquility and contentment

04 October 2015

I don't know how to fly on my own but HIS faith on me lifts up every time to the height beyond skies.

08 October 2015

Learn to live gracefully, Learn to say goodbye, Life will try with loss and gains, Take everything with pride.

08 October 2015

Keep your promises as best you can, Especially to your friends they are pillars surrounding you.

18 October 2015

Determination swings between Possession and satisfaction to win heart and soul of human body.

20 October 2015

बात ऐसी हो की दिमाग में जाये और बस जाये.... वरना दुनिया में सब कान लिए फिरते हैं ज़बान पर तो लगाम नहीं रख सकते अंजाम की दुहाई दिए फिरते हैं