M. Bloom

Rookie (March 1,1995)

M. Bloom Poems

1. Alone In The Crowd 10/27/2012
2. Act I, Scene I: The Finale 10/29/2012
3. Mug Of Tea 10/30/2012
4. What'Ll It Be? 11/5/2012
5. Some Silent Way To Cope 11/6/2012
6. Recollection Of November 11/20/2012
7. After The Storm Clears 11/20/2012
8. With What The Stress Has Taught 11/29/2012
9. Something Keeps Me In High Hopes 12/3/2012
10. Typical 12/4/2012
11. Lifting Off To The Melting Moon 12/7/2012
12. Have You Seen The Sky Tonight? 12/7/2012
13. Winter Stain 12/15/2012
14. Ia (I-Viii) 12/16/2012
15. I Am Just A Toe 12/16/2012
16. Perception 1/26/2013
17. Understand? 2/12/2013
18. The Vacant Room 2/12/2013
19. The Man Of Confidence 2/13/2013
20. Yesteryears 3/4/2013
21. Idiosyncrasies 3/4/2013
22. Aperture 3/4/2013
23. The Human Heart 4/24/2013
24. Modern Prognosis 4/24/2013
25. Kareki 4/24/2013
26. Skytears 10/25/2012
27. Me, Myself, And I 10/27/2012
28. Lasting Losses 10/27/2012
29. ...As They Lived 10/27/2012
30. Newtown 12/15/2012
31. Beneath The Surface 10/27/2012

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Best Poem of M. Bloom

Beneath The Surface

If you dare to look into
A world where you may not be you
Then go ahead and feed the leech
That absorbs all its jagged teeth can reach
For the reflection takes all you are
Every bruise and jagged scar
And puts them for you to plainly see
Or, at least, so it believes

For the mirror can only steal
What one chooses to reveal
As every secret, every story
Remains privately concealed

So, yes, the mirror may have its chance
To take you face with just a glance
But your soul will still flourish indeed
With no outside sources crippling
The gentle ...

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Lasting Losses

Lets nothing last.
Leaving souls to live
Like chalk drawings
Left out in the storm.

Lonely drops on
Lovely works;
Leaving only murky
Lakes of faded color where
Livelihood once took place.

Life vanishes where those
Lucid puddles lay...

...Leaving no pictures perfect
down Memory Lane.

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