M () () () () Fry

Biography of M () () () () Fry

Started off as a hairdresser, tired of small talk and of hair.

Became an action-hero until made redundant by the internet.

Recently existed on tips as a champion trailer-park wrestler in Tucson, Arizona.

I have been King Nelson 12th and Marilyn Monroe in former lives.

I very much preferred being King Nelson 12th.

M () () () () Fry's Works:

'The A-Z of Paper-Folding.' This volume was indeed folded so small that most books got lost upon distribution.

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Weather For Sailing

the young man with Down syndrome's directing the traffic;
sandwiches, quiche and mini rolls in plastic containers;
a Nissan Sunny red tank in the rear-view mirror;
clinking carrier bags on the kitchen floor;
that famous descant preparing for 'In Dreams';
'whoo! '... 'yeah! '... punching the air...

a willingness to offer a parachute
despite the pushes and pulls;

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