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M.J. Lemon Poems

81. You Gasped 2/16/2015
82. How I Once Spent A Friday Afternoon 12/22/2014
83. Rat Lady 7/14/2017
84. Joy 1/5/2015
85. A Man Dying 12/21/2014
86. A Jar 9/11/2016
87. Rock Wall 3/15/2015
88. There Once Was A... 3/17/2015
89. Alone At The Beach 7/4/2015
90. Qualifying Legs And Life 1/1/2017
91. Transcendent 3/13/2015
92. Emerald 3/17/2016
93. The Most Beautiful 2/17/2015
94. Feeling Older 8/11/2015
95. Spirit 12/29/2014
96. For Her 12/21/2014
97. Silhouette 2/28/2015
98. I Broke My Leg 12/21/2014

Comments about M.J. Lemon

  • Susan Williams Susan Williams (7/4/2017 4:26:00 PM)

    Mj Lemon is not, I repeat not, afraid to think and write out of the box- -and what a liberating and frightening thing that can be! There is nothing that escapes his writer's eye. He has that basic ingredient in good writers- there is nothing that isn't grist for the mill- nothing is stagnant or loss to him- it is all part of life and as such can be turned to gain. And turn it he will.
    He is awesome in his intelligence, in his humorous insight, and in his fascination with fitting structure to message. He is not afraid of the sharp demands of brevity and masters the form with his so well-chosen words. I have yet to read a poem of his that does not offer a thought for meditating upon.
    All these things about him spell excellence.

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  • Sarah Mkhonza (12/5/2016 12:56:00 AM)

    Great poem I once broke my leg. This poem reminded me of that time

  • Melvina Germain Melvina Germain (10/19/2015 7:22:00 PM)

    M.j. holds me in the midst of his poetry with his flavour of diversity, I'm loving every moment of the journey. I'm wondering all along the path what's next, who or what will be around the corner, the intensity is fabulous and I'm surrounded by words, beautiful inviting words. M.j. is clearly one of my favourite poets and I do look forward to reading his work with a cup of tea to delight my morning read...Thank you M.j.

Best Poem of M.J. Lemon

I Broke My Leg

I have no time to notice
what takes place around me

Distractions daily duties grab focus
away from who I am might be

I break my leg and the misery
means I must lie still do not move

as every simple motion spasm
cramp serves to reprove

listen listen listen

i go to pieces, Says the Tibia
i feel trapped, Says the Fibula
i cannot move, Says the Knee
there's no common ground, Says Achilles
i need air, Says the Ankle
step on it, Says the Foot
we love the outdoors, Say the Toes
i've got you covered, Says the Cast
we want to go ...

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Two Or Three

Two, better than one
So three must be better still
Then why do I fall?

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