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90. I Broke My Leg 12/21/2014
Best Poem of M.J. Lemon

I Broke My Leg

I have no time to notice
what takes place around me

Distractions daily duties grab focus
away from who I am might be

I break my leg and the misery
means I must lie still do not move

as every simple motion spasm
cramp serves to reprove

listen listen listen

i go to pieces, Says the Tibia
i feel trapped, Says the Fibula
i cannot move, Says the Knee
there's no common ground, Says Achilles
i need air, Says the Ankle
step on it, Says the Foot
we love the outdoors, Say the Toes
i've got you covered, Says the Cast
we want to go ...

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Just Before Christmas

The children look forward, as do I...
For them the layers of white draw out joy and
not bound by reserve their emotions spill out
When they first notice it you might think
they have never seen anything like it before.
But of course they have many times this year.
The white invites them, a call to play, to jump, to shout
The perfect white comforts, eases my plight, and lets me know
that tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow

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