M.p kumawat

Rookie - 100 Points (20 june 1992 / Nagaur, Rajasthan)

M.p kumawat Quotes

  • ''There is no individual person
    Or any circumstances that
    I am sorrowful, it's me
    And my ignorance.''
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  • '''War and Violence can give you space in million minds but not even in single heart.'''
    Positive thought
  • '''Success is all about
    To climb a mountain
    But there is no rope way
    You have to climb it.'''
    Inspirational thought
  • '''Whether do Love or Hate, Do it with all the zest. I choose to Love, what about you! '''
    Positive thought
  • '''Life is like an ocean
    Sometimes calm and
    Sometimes stormy
    But still it has beauty.'''
    Positive thought
  • '''No one can live a life with joy
    Who doesn't have a heart of
    Humility and Love.'''
    Positive thought
  • '''Sometimes its worthless to decide
    That which way to go while
    Both ways has its adventures
    So just go for it.'''
    Positive thought
  • '''If one has ego, He must visit to a funeral for
    Once and stay there until it turns to ashes.'''
    Positive thought
  • '''To study is not difficult
    But to make up the mind
    Certainly is.'''
    Positive thought
  • '''Eyes are the windows of the body
    Through which one see the pious soul.'''
    Spiritual thought

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Best Poem of M.p kumawat

Thread Of Faith

''black, red and blue with full of faith
yes! it's thread of sister's love..!
well dressed with a plate in hands
full of sweet, rice and bands
like an angel on earth
yes! it's my beautiful sister..!
at the time of vandilation and adoration
eyes are shinning with love & passion
tie the band on brother's wrist
ask with broad smile where is my gift
brother shows thumb to sister
sister gives him threat listen you mister
after teasing bruv gives the gift
then sister dance like bird with all the zest
brother thank god for lovely sis
and kiss the book ...

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' A Poem Of Love'

'Love, feeling of love…
So pure and sacred for my angel.'
'How I tell you
That how I feel to see her.
It feels like
Life is so beautiful, my angel
I can feel the presence of you.'
'Love, feeling of love…
So pure and sacred for my angel.'

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