M.p kumawat

Rookie - 100 Points (20 june 1992 / Nagaur, Rajasthan)

M.p kumawat Quotes

  • '''In the race of achieving worldly targets
    See..we don't miss the target behind
    Taking birth in human body.'''
    Spiritual thought
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  • '''Only God can be our true lover
    Who never betrays.'''
    Spiritual thought
  • '''Do not think much about people
    No matter how kind and helpful
    You were, at last they will judge
    You by the words from others.'''
    Positive thought
  • '''Indeed we are man and woman
    By birth but let's work
    To become human.'''
    Positive thought
  • '''Behind all the sorrow, grief, misery, remorse, and
    Desolation the reason is one - this mortal body
    But still the only bridge to salvation.'''
    Spiritual thought
  • '''Why should I fear of death
    I am not a mortal body
    I am an immortal soul.'''
    Spiritual thought
  • '''I came to life to earn
    And I earned a lot
    But now leaving barehanded.'''
    Spiritual questions
  • ''Woman is an another half part
    Of man to completeness.''
  • ''All races of animals act
    According to their genes
    They never forget to bite and fight
    Being humans we should do the same
    Let's show humanity.''
  • ''As we roam to different lands
    Languages get change
    So does the name of God
    Some say God, some say Allah and Ram
    Precisely only languages change
    While God is one, above all
    The Almighty, The Over Soul.''
    God is one.

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Best Poem of M.p kumawat

Thread Of Faith

''black, red and blue with full of faith
yes! it's thread of sister's love..!
well dressed with a plate in hands
full of sweet, rice and bands
like an angel on earth
yes! it's my beautiful sister..!
at the time of vandilation and adoration
eyes are shinning with love & passion
tie the band on brother's wrist
ask with broad smile where is my gift
brother shows thumb to sister
sister gives him threat listen you mister
after teasing bruv gives the gift
then sister dance like bird with all the zest
brother thank god for lovely sis
and kiss the book ...

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' A Poem Of Love'

'Love, feeling of love…
So pure and sacred for my angel.'
'How I tell you
That how I feel to see her.
It feels like
Life is so beautiful, my angel
I can feel the presence of you.'
'Love, feeling of love…
So pure and sacred for my angel.'

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