Maanasa Bhaskar

Biography of Maanasa Bhaskar

I’m from a land were
horns of the vehicles
are heard louder than that of man…! ! !

People of my town are like the
buzzing bees,
working day & night! ! ! !

People of my place are those who,
are affixed to their culture..

Having heart, that weighs a ton of cotton
bales in water..! ! !

Here i am to spread my thoughts,
& add more colour to my plumage..! ! ! Updates

You Mean To Be....

YOu turned my darkness into light.You made evry thing all right.
You picked me up wen i was down.u turned me around.
If i didn't have u.....
what would i be? ? ?
ur just a blessing to me...
When i need u the most, u were there.
The world is full of many people.
But there is one of you! ! ! ! ! You fill my heart with happiness! ! ! !
Your god sent gift from above....If i didn't have u,

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