Maanasa Bhaskar

Biography of Maanasa Bhaskar

I’m from a land were
horns of the vehicles
are heard louder than that of man…! ! !

People of my town are like the
buzzing bees,
working day & night! ! ! !

People of my place are those who,
are affixed to their culture..

Having heart, that weighs a ton of cotton
bales in water..! ! !

Here i am to spread my thoughts,
& add more colour to my plumage..! ! ! Updates

I Need You........

It's not necessary to share every secret between true friends,
but the thing is that whatever you share should be true.
Distance never separates any relationTime never build any relation…
If feelings true from the heart, Then friends are always friends forever…
In this beautiful world, Many friends I make.Many hands I shake.But best of them are very few.
One of them is you…
Our friendship has become a ‘HABIT'.Even if you take out ‘H', ‘A BIT' remains.
Take out ‘A' still ‘BIT' remains.Fin

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