Maanasa Bhaskar

Maanasa Bhaskar Poems

1. I Need You........ 3/24/2012
2. Sea Love. 3/24/2012
3. You Mean To Be.... 3/24/2012
4. The Light Of Million Mornings 3/24/2012
5. Friends Forever! ! ! 3/24/2012
6. Smile Free.. 3/24/2012
7. The Girl Who Smiles 3/24/2012
8. Where Have You Gone? 3/26/2012
9. My Blue Bubble Gummers… I Don'T Want You Anymore! ! ! 3/26/2012
10. Words Are Feathers… 3/26/2012
11. Walk Of My Life…. 3/26/2012
12. Pity 3/26/2012
13. Desire 3/26/2012
14. Happiness 3/26/2012
15. Fear 3/26/2012
16. Bravery 3/26/2012
17. Loneliness 3/26/2012
18. The Comb 3/27/2012
19. Candle Light 3/27/2012
20. The Million Little Ways! ! ! 3/27/2012
21. Mr.Mutton Head…. 3/27/2012
22. Star 3/28/2012
23. You Are My Sunshine! 5/8/2012
24. Atom Atom! ! ! 3/26/2012
25. The Himalayas 3/24/2012
26. We May Be A Hundred Miles Apart But I'Ll Be With You Wherever You Are... 3/24/2012
27. In Good Hands.. 3/24/2012

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In Good Hands..

In the hands of a gifted teacher
A classroom is a magical place! ! !
In the hands of a gifted teacher
There's a smile on each child's face.
In the hands of gifted teacher Creative energy is every where.
In the hands of gifted teacher
There's a catalyst who genuinely care.
In the hands of gifted teacher Desire and wonder is awakened.
In the hands of gifted teacherEducation agenda is shaken.
In the hands of gifted teacher Self managment skills are manupulated In the hands of gifted teacherThe best of reality is modeled.
In the hands of gifted teacher Gifts and ...

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You Mean To Be....

YOu turned my darkness into light.You made evry thing all right.
You picked me up wen i was down.u turned me around.
If i didn't have u.....
what would i be? ? ?
ur just a blessing to me...
When i need u the most, u were there.
The world is full of many people.
But there is one of you! ! ! ! ! You fill my heart with happiness! ! ! !
Your god sent gift from above....If i didn't have u,

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