Mabel Akena

Biography of Mabel Akena

There castles i build, citadels that i destroy with the wave of my pen and the power of my thought.
who would not want to posses such power? so i write, i create, i destroy, i mend, I Soothe.......all with the wave of a pen.
i bid you join me Updates

My Immortal Quest

There times when I feel like I have known this soul before,
known his face with its ridges and lines,
committed it to a long lost memory,
engraved in the unreachable depth's of my soul,
there times when I feel like I have heard the whisper,
of that all to familiar, yet unrecognizably voice
remembered the ring of his bubbling laughter,
float through the confines of its well known environs.
Sometimes, I am sure I've Danced to the rhythm,

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