Mac Diez

Rookie (Massachusetts, United States)

Biography of Mac Diez

I was born in Lawrence, Massachusetts. I have been a good writer since elementary school. I have written a few short works, none of which have been published, but I am working on new novels that will be published. I could always write a few good lines to pass English class, but I found a passion for poetry in my freshman year of high school. After the end of my Between May of my freshman year and April of my sophomore year I put writing poetry aside, but read a lot more of it in my spare time. In late April of my sophomore year, I had written two poems for class. When I wrote these two poems i felt something I have never felt before. My sophomore year of high school made me a dedicated writer with hopes of becoming a well known author one day. Updates


In the mainstream society,
I've always been lost,
Wanting a way out,
Whatever the cost,
From the others, completely isolated,
Unable to make many true friends,
I feel the weight of my isolation
Wearing on my mind.

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