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41. 141 Words In Honours Of My Boss 10/22/2008
42. Tell Me, What Will You Do? 1/12/2009
43. A Wired Woman 5/6/2009
44. Hosni The Jailer 7/14/2009
45. Married To Reasons 9/15/2009
46. A Tribute To Gani 9/16/2009
47. She Releases 3/4/2010
48. More Me 3/4/2010
49. Chinwe Azubuike 7/13/2006
50. Chinwe Azubuike 3 7/13/2006
51. Poem By Chukwuemeka Akpe. -Yet, More Than A Brother 7/13/2006
52. I Sail Alone In The Voyage 8/16/2010
53. What Use? 8/16/2010
54. The Instigator 8/17/2010
55. The Mirrow 10/26/2010
56. In It Together 11/6/2007
57. Who Handled You, Who Sat On You? 5/6/2011
58. Prayer 5/6/2011
59. Don’t Despair 5/10/2011
60. Osama Bin Laden (Deus Ex Machine) 5/10/2011
61. Seduced 5/1/2004
62. Revolt..... 5/1/2004
63. The Bars Of A Castle. Part-1 4/15/2012
64. Indices Of A Loon 5/6/2012
65. I Am Not Black, I Know Colour 8/16/2014
66. Waiting On An Innocent Infant 9/11/2015
67. A Home In The Midst Of Tattlers, Snitch And Busybodies 9/15/2015
68. Our Clandestine Mission 9/19/2015
69. Oluwademilade 10/3/2015
70. The Trees 11/8/2015
71. Kara Chwaklinski- My Observation 11/8/2015
72. To My Seductress Duchess 4/1/2016
73. As You Grow Older 7/30/2017
74. Did You Find The King? 7/31/2017
75. You Are The Cause Of It 5/10/2011
76. I Will Marry Tomorrow 7/27/2011
77. Rueben Is Dead 1/24/2012
78. Hand-Text Of Senseless Senator 1/24/2012
79. Forgive Me 5/10/2011
80. Tell Mbeki, Tell Zuma And Remind Mandela 5/28/2008
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The White Man’s Grave

This school is not our school
We have our own.
This culture is not our own,
I know it well.

They teach us science
What is it?
And philosophy of their own.

When they say knowledge,
Who is a fool?
Pluto, Plato are not blacks
They impose on us
And make it law.
And have us in their rule condemn
These men are wicked
Tell them so.
In our pain they make their mansion
And gave us food from our wage.

Before your Mathematics,
I know the numbers of my wives
And your Geography.
I know the road to my farm.
Before your ...

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Vials of sacred births
By choice less compulsion
Shattered at earth darkest harbor,
The male and female cargo ejected at nature’s will.
Nine branches abide in one face of a lonesome vine
Some are scorched as if passed through nature’s kiln
Others are wrenched as saplings, their nodes blood-dried
Yet others seek nutrients for witting leaves,
Flourishing branches excised by unseen hands

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