MacGregor Tagliaferro Biography

Cowboy poet/lyricist/philosopher grew up on a ranch on the High Plains. A good day is any day that includes strong coffee, a warm fire, iced tea, red wine, readin', writin' and a soft touch.

My poems and lyrics are about love or the lack thereof. W. B. Yeats said, 'I am still of opinion that only two topics can be of the least interest to a serious and studious mood – sex and the dead.' I could not agree more. I have another website where the topic is all about the dead.

I loved a beautiful woman but she loved me not. She was my friend and muse and that was enough so that the Muse of Beauty spoke to me often. Then I lost her and now the only muse that speaks to me is the Dark Muse.

Cowboy poet from morning break
Wrote until the close of light,
Never a day too long to make
One word or sentence right

MacGregor Tagliaferro Popular Poems
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