Mackenzie Seth

Biography of Mackenzie Seth

I am Mackenzie, I love to write poetry and work on cars. What a combination huh? I model for immortal industries. I a in high school at Muskogee High. I have a big and wonderful family and amazing boyfriend. I hope you enjoy my poems. Some may remind you of someone. All my poems come from the heart. I never do or will take any ideas from another person's work.

Mackenzie Seth's Works:

I have not yet published a book; I do have a book I have been working on sense 7th grade. The name of the book is The Shadow Bridge. It needs a little bit of work. I have to rewrite so parts due to 7th grade grammar haha. Other than that I have been told that it is an interesting story. Updates

Falling Into Place

When life looks like its falling apart, it may just be falling into place. Sometimes things go wrong only to teach us what is right... it is up to us to know the difference and make the right choice after the fact, everything happens for a reason. God is the only one who knows what the reason is, years from now when you look back you might know why

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