Macy Dvirnak

Biography of Macy Dvirnak

i am just a teenage girl who takes great enjoyment in writing poetry. my poems are selections for all ages. some poems are meant for more mature readers, and others delightful to children.
As you read my poetry, you will immediatly be whisked away on jubilous journeys, be taught the importance of true love, laugh with me at spontanious scenes, and ride by midnight astride a silver silked horse! so, dear readers, saddle up, and lets ride!
I am at college and have very limited internet access. so postings will also be limited till next summer. thank you, dear readers.

Attention, all readers! I invite you to read my latest poem, The White Lion. I am convinced you will enjoy it.

Macy Dvirnak's Works:

hope to publish 50 - 100 poems by the end of the summer. i need more people to be reading and commenting and liking my poetry though. u, o talented judges of picturesque poetry, can help with that. i u see the name 'macy dvirnak', please read and rate my poems. MY GOAL IS TO BE IN THE LIST OF TOP POETS.

Riding Lessons

God gives me riding lessons
When I go to sleep each night.

Just can't get the hang of it,
Try as I might.

In my dreams,
The horse has either
bucked me off,

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