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41. $ Dollar Debate $ 11/29/2012
42. 'Awake! ' 11/30/2012
43. America's Foundation 12/2/2012
44. Head For The Hills! 9/16/2014
45. Ordinary Miricles 1/9/2015
46. Everyday Proverb 1/9/2015
47. U.S. President Obama 1/9/2015
48. Key To Bliss 4/6/2015
49. A Plan 4/26/2015
50. How's Your Appetite? 5/25/2015
51. Stand Still 10/22/2015
52. Jokes In The Cupboard 11/4/2015
53. Foolish Folly Of A Fool 1/9/2015
54. T'Was The Beginning Of Christmas 12/31/2014
55. Timeless Love 9/9/2012
56. The Greatest Of These Is... 6/20/2012
57. Amazing Love In Everything 5/9/2012
58. Riding Lessons 2/15/2012
59. What Is A Barn? 11/16/2012
60. Kiss Me Not 11/1/2012
61. Thankfulness Is A Virtue 10/2/2012
62. A Day To Fly 4/25/2012
63. A Deceptive Nature 4/25/2012
64. Defining The Cowgirl 1/28/2013
65. The White Lion 10/27/2013
66. The Master Spoke. 2/22/2012
67. Unique 5/13/2014
68. Common Sense, Or Not So Common? 8/5/2013
69. Spring Did Come. 5/9/2012
70. Baby's Breath 2/14/2013

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Best Poem of Macy Dvirnak

Baby's Breath

Doubt ye not,
The power of words,

For they can build up,
Or they can desrtoy.

Like firey arrows,
From the tongue they fly-

They can give life,
Or cause one to die.

They be not something,
With which to toy-

Words can wrought sorrow,
Or bless one with joy,

Words can bring one
Sweet memories,
or painfu panging of regret.

So speak ye not,
words of death,
But rather words
which be sweet-

Baby's breath.

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The Master Spoke.

Why is the world here today?
The Master Spoke.
Why are we sinners, like sheep gone astray?
The Master Spoke.
Why all this toil, no comfort of Eden,
Since man didn't obey?
The Master Spoke.
Why work the dust of the ground, from whence we came,
And eat 'By the sweat of our brow? '

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