Macy Dvirnak

Macy Dvirnak Quotes

  • ''They who dare to dream, will become those who dare to succeed. It is these who hold the future.''
    today's fantasies will be tomorrow's reality. the Wright brothers dared dream of flying which was unreachable and foolish-an already several times failed event, and today, it is an ordinary event. it happens nonstop. it has become reality. yesterday's dreamers held the future-the ordinary events of today. Understand?
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  • ''Buisiness can be likened to a comercial dryer at the luanndromat. round and round life goes, never stopping, and things heat up. saying yes is like adding yet another quarter to that already heavy load, taking up even more of your time. it is not until you run out of 'quarters' that you can lighten your load.''
    people should be purposeful, not 'busy'.
  • ''Sometimes the wisest thing you can think of to say,
    is to not speak at all.''
    'there is a time for advice and a time for silence. those who truly wish to be wise will be able to discern the difference'- Macy dvirnak

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Whispers In The Garden

At early dawn,
I rose from my slumber
And swung open
The garden gate.

I nestled down
Among the rows
Of plants
and watched them germinate.

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