1. Dealing With Depression 4/10/2012
2. I Am The Mad Dew 6/10/2012
3. Money 6/19/2012
4. Radiating Beauty 7/9/2012
5. The Madness 7/30/2012
6. Please Lord 11/7/2012
7. Please Lord Send Me A Girl 11/23/2012
8. Poor Boy 11/25/2012
9. I Just Need Some Old Cars 12/8/2012
10. Oh Broken Warrior 12/16/2012
11. The Past Is The Past 12/20/2012
12. Keep Yourself Free 12/22/2012
13. Why Do I Always Feel Like This? 1/24/2013
14. Heart Ache 2/25/2013
15. Remember That I Exist 4/23/2013
16. Fly 5/21/2013
17. Old Hatchback Painted Blue 7/13/2013
18. Saved By His Z28 7/14/2013
19. Meet A Boy 9/5/2013
20. Man In The Mirror 9/9/2013
21. Stitches 9/15/2013
22. Burdens I Carry 9/16/2013
23. Why Do I Pray? 9/26/2013
24. The Name Is 10/15/2013
25. Numb 10/15/2013
26. Infection 10/28/2013
27. No Sleep 11/10/2013
28. Puppet Master 11/18/2013
29. A Soldier In The Army Of The Lord 12/1/2013
30. I Am Not Completely Insane 1/30/2014
31. Who The Hell Are You? 2/9/2014
32. Recluse 2/12/2014
33. Man On The 6th Floor 2/23/2014
34. The.357 And The 7-Eleven 2/23/2014
35. Forsaken 8/24/2014
36. Curse 8/27/2014
37. Dreaming About You Again 3/28/2015
38. So What? 6/7/2015
39. It Will All Be Okay 7/5/2015
40. Maze 7/19/2015

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Best Poem of MAD DEW

Pursue Your Dream

You got a dream? Good, pursue it
Whatever you gotta do, do it
It isn't the easiest thing to do
But just keep pushing through
Bust through the barriers standing in your way
Take charge of the things in your life this very day
Stand your position
And crush the opposition
Take all your doubt
And cast that crap out
Take your inner-demons and slay them all
Or they'll tear you apart and make you fall
When you see opportunity take it
That is how you make it
You won't get anywhere sitting on your behind
If you ain't got motivation that's something you need ...

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Dealing With Depression

It is hard to deal with this depression
But thats why I write its a therapy session
Thats why when ever I go to bed
There is always paper and a pencil beside my head
So if I am crying in the middle of the night
I pick up my paper and pencil and just write
So that way I can get these thoughts out of my head
Cause if I don't they're gonna tear me up until I am dead
To anyone else that thought the answer is a gun

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