41. For You 8/15/2015
42. V8 Scheming 8/17/2015
43. Keep On Trudging 11/27/2015
44. Race Baiting 3/10/2016
45. Will It Be Worth It In The End? 3/12/2016
46. Prayer 8/21/2013
47. Above And Beyond The Sky 6/24/2013
48. I Want A Girl 4/10/2012
49. Burdens I Carry 9/16/2013
50. Know How Special You Are? 4/10/2012
51. Classic Cars 3/15/2013
52. Today Is The Day 8/27/2013
53. Inhumane 10/5/2014
54. Be My Princess? 6/25/2012
55. Words 10/21/2013
56. Reap What You Sow 7/8/2013
57. I Hate 7/14/2013
58. Everybody Says 7/17/2013
59. Why Is It? 10/19/2015
60. Plenty Of Fish In The Sea 4/10/2012
61. Just Keep Going 4/10/2012
62. Beauty Is Not Defined By A Magazine 3/31/2016
63. Pursue Your Dream 9/8/2012

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Best Poem of MAD DEW

Pursue Your Dream

You got a dream? Good, pursue it
Whatever you gotta do, do it
It isn't the easiest thing to do
But just keep pushing through
Bust through the barriers standing in your way
Take charge of the things in your life this very day
Stand your position
And crush the opposition
Take all your doubt
And cast that crap out
Take your inner-demons and slay them all
Or they'll tear you apart and make you fall
When you see opportunity take it
That is how you make it
You won't get anywhere sitting on your behind
If you ain't got motivation that's something you need ...

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Dealing With Depression

It is hard to deal with this depression
But thats why I write its a therapy session
Thats why when ever I go to bed
There is always paper and a pencil beside my head
So if I am crying in the middle of the night
I pick up my paper and pencil and just write
So that way I can get these thoughts out of my head
Cause if I don't they're gonna tear me up until I am dead
To anyone else that thought the answer is a gun

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