Madaline Pietrangelo

Madaline Pietrangelo Poems

1. My Love For You 4/7/2012
2. Unsafe Place 4/7/2012
3. My Love 4/7/2012
4. Moved On 4/7/2012
5. The World To Me 4/7/2012
6. No Longer There 4/7/2012
7. Lonely Days 4/7/2012
8. Better Without You 4/7/2012
9. Wishing She Had Never Said Goodbye 4/7/2012
10. Don'T Leave 4/7/2012
11. My Demon Follows 4/7/2012
12. One And Only Friend 4/7/2012
13. Already Gone 4/7/2012
14. No Other Way 4/7/2012
15. Us 4/7/2012
16. The Reason 4/7/2012
17. Broken And Corrupted 4/7/2012
18. The Chain 4/7/2012
19. Drowning In Your Troubles 4/12/2012
20. Play With Me Your Little Game 4/15/2012
21. Sleep My Dear One 4/29/2012
22. To My Dear Addiction, 4/7/2012
23. You And I Are Meant To Be 4/7/2012
24. You'Re What I'M All About 4/7/2012
25. Waking Up With A Broken Heart 4/7/2012

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Waking Up With A Broken Heart

She wakes up with a broken heart
Getting ready for the day to start
She takes the bus
And goes to school
Trying to play it
Like it's cool

The second she sees him
He's with her
Her eyes start to get red
Everything turns into a blur

She survives the rest of the day
And goes home
She opens the door
And she's all alone

She goes into her parent's room
Knowing she will be in Heaven soon
What he said is playing in her brain
She knows nothing could ever be the same

She finds the gun
Puts it to her head
Pulls the trigger

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Unsafe Place

Wish you weren't here
Wish I was somewhere safe
So I don't have to live in fear
Instead somewhere to keep me in place

Wish I wasn't standing on a tight rope
Watching every step I take
Every step full of hope
Hoping it won't break

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