Maddie 'Rae' Berry

Rookie (30/3/92 / Eastwood, Sydney)

Biography of Maddie 'Rae' Berry

Weird.insane.quiet.loopy. That's me, my writing, my pain in a nutshell. Why I do what I do; I write because many aspects of life inspire and enthral me. Although I am but a casual observer in the world, I long for a creative outlet. Writing gives me freedom, peace of mind and all that jazz. That's what I wish, to give to others how I feel and what I think...And that's about it. Updates

The Music Of You And Me

Your melody takes hold of me as we become a harmony.
This echoes through my head and heart
even though we are worlds apart,
you'll stay forever in my heart.

As your voice rises above the noise
As it prints its elegant design on to my heart,
setting me towards a new start.

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