Maddie Shanahan

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Biography of Maddie Shanahan

I go 2 skl still. its da most boring place in da world! ! ! they think we don't hav a life and can always stay in doing homework! NEWSFLASH! ! ! there is like no one in my grade without a social life! ! !
All of my poems hav been written for skl homework,
'The sounds of darkness' for english, 'Past, present, future. Where are you living? ' for history and 'Mitch McDowd' for english.

Maddie Shanahan's Works:

None, come on! i'm only 13! !
Well, i did hav 2 write a book with some teachers about our skl's saint but dat was only published by the skl and kept in da library. Updates

Mitch Mc Dowd

There was a raindropp in a cloud,
He was known as Mitch McDowd,
Getting colder as more drops come,
Hang on, here comes mum!
“I honestly hope I don't collide,
With my big bro!
He’s oh so mean,
I wish he would turn into a bean,
And dropp to the ground,
Into a pile of all the mean beans! ”

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