Maddie Shanahan

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Biography of Maddie Shanahan

I go 2 skl still. its da most boring place in da world! ! ! they think we don't hav a life and can always stay in doing homework! NEWSFLASH! ! ! there is like no one in my grade without a social life! ! !
All of my poems hav been written for skl homework,
'The sounds of darkness' for english, 'Past, present, future. Where are you living? ' for history and 'Mitch McDowd' for english.

Maddie Shanahan's Works:

None, come on! i'm only 13! !
Well, i did hav 2 write a book with some teachers about our skl's saint but dat was only published by the skl and kept in da library. Updates

The Sounds Of Darkness

Darkness, it comes every night
The sounds come with it.
There are crickets humming,
And twigs falling making a thud on the roof.

The roar of a train, the rush of the creek,
The tap, tap, tap of the keyboard typing.
The buzz of my laptop and the sounds of the TV.
The soft, slow howl of the wind.

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