Madeline Arnold

Rookie (20th July 1990 / Rinteln, Germany)

Biography of Madeline Arnold

Madeline Arnold poet

Whatever happens, there are three things that will come with me wherever I go; my music, my love for writing, and my depression. As fast as I run, I can't escape the inevitability of my destiny - so I want to spend my last few months writing some things that needed to be said a long time ago, and still apply. I hope you can all appreciate that.

Madeline Arnold's Works:

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The Taste Of My Throat

It’s getting hard to focus.
They’re looking down on us.
We can do it, I know that.
Life found, squatted, and shat.

The taste of my throat.
You don’t like it.
You don’t like what it makes me.
But when I do, I’m free.

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