madeline mason

Rookie (october 29,1994 / somewhere in the depths of arkansas)

Biography of madeline mason

im the girl you see in the halls, head hung, frown shown, tears falling to the floor.
im the girl in your english class, scribbling nonsense on paper, brows furrowed in deep concentration, always getting the answers right.
im the girl you see sitting in the cafeteria, all in black, sarcastic smirk on my face to my fellow friends, picking at the school's 'healthy food'.
im the girl you spot at the commons after school, acting like a ninja with APOCALYPSE, laughing with HOMICIDE, and wishing for that kid to love me.
im the girl you feel sorry for, the one you secretly look up to, the one who never gives up on her dream.
its madeline alexandria mason, madelineMASSACRE to the interweb, Alix to my friends. bring it on.

madeline mason's Works:

none. Updates

Not Soon Forgotten

stay gone, dont dare look behind you
just remember that im still her
the girl you felt as though confined you
the one that you truly hurt
betrayal is everything and it makes you nothing
i should have never believed
that a guy like you could love a girl like me
i shouldve guessed that id be decieved
now in my wisest of days, i honestly know

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