Madhabi Banerjee

Madhabi Banerjee Poems

161. প্রিয়জন 7/22/2017
162. আমার প্রিয় বই মহাভারত 6/18/2017
163. Lumumba 4/19/2017
164. তিনি রবি ঠাকুর 8/9/2016
165. My City 4/2/2016
166. No Question Please 11/10/2016
167. ভূস্বর্গের ম্যাডোনা 7/28/2016
168. Pain 3/25/2016
169. তবুও আমি জেগে উঠি (Bengali Version Still I Rise By Maya Angelou))) 11/17/2015
170. দেবদূতের ছোঁয়া 10/21/2015
171. Mon Amour 11/1/2015
172. For You Only 3/21/2016
173. দাবাখেলা 8/25/2015
174. সাহসী এবং বিস্ময়কর সত্য By মায়া এঞ্জেলু (Bengali Version) 8/20/2015
175. শ্রী চরনেষু মা-কে 8/10/2015
176. What I Love What I Want Most 6/7/2015
177. She 5/8/2015
178. আদর্শ এক জুটি আমরা দুটি 4/24/2015
179. I Love Thee 4/24/2015
180. অংকশেখা কঠিনryh 4/27/2015
181. Chair 12/23/2014
182. A Leader Without Backbone 1/5/2015
183. The House Of Poem Burns 9/19/2015
184. তাসের দেশ 9/9/2016
185. My Beloved City 4/17/2016
186. A Part Of A Diary 3/30/2017
187. সুন্দর যে করে । সে সুন্দর হয় 8/16/2015
188. I May Wait 4/26/2016
189. অসাধারণ মেয়ে By মায়া এঞ্জেলু (Bengali Version) 5/1/2015
190. Teacher 4/25/2015
191. Smile 4/29/2016
192. Hide And Seek 8/18/2015
Best Poem of Madhabi Banerjee

Hide And Seek

It was funny in my childhood to be missing.
Hardly anyone is there who is never lost
Hardly anyone is there who has never l come back.
Likewise playing such hide and seek game
We are grown.
Last year the school building was drifting away in the flood water
Crops over flown and destroyed because of whirlpool.
And the blood was shed abundantly in the huts
Recently a few girls were secretly sent to the occident
And suddenly a violent outbreak of cholera depopulated the villages.
Seeing the green leaf on the alluvium land
We are recognized ...

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Dear sir,
My silence is not my allegiance
My politeness is not my weakness
It is heard that in the days of yore
Masters are humiliated the workers
For their foods and clothes.
But days are long gone by.
Liberating the slavery, we are free now.
We are all now workers.

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