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Madi Lynn Poems

1. From Past To Future 12/18/2009
2. Shed A Tear 3/17/2010
3. The Sacrifices 3/22/2010
4. Time 6/7/2010
5. Heart & Logic 6/8/2010
6. Hope 6/9/2010
7. America 6/15/2010
8. Should I Cry 8/20/2010
9. Rain 11/17/2010
10. Joke 11/17/2010
11. Screwed 12/23/2010
12. Why? 12/23/2010
13. One Day 12/23/2010
14. Always Loved 12/23/2010
15. My Rock 12/24/2010
16. Used 1/17/2011
17. Superman 1/17/2011
18. Life 1/17/2011
19. My Fee 4/27/2011
20. Haikus 9/4/2011
21. You Think... 4/3/2009
22. Socks 5/2/2009
23. Sister 5/2/2009
24. Fields Of White 4/10/2009
25. Yo Yo 5/2/2009
26. Donkey 5/30/2009
27. True Soldier 9/11/2010

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Best Poem of Madi Lynn

True Soldier

You're off in war
While the love of your life is here
Be sure to come back
Be sure to come back for her
Don't forget the sights of our U.S.A.
The freedoms along with every privilege
Every privilege
Every privilege

You're fighting for freedom
You're fighting for rights
You're fighting to keep America in sight
Fighting for freedom
Fighting for rights
Fighting to keep my America in sight

Our affection is w/ you along w/ our pride
Keep us alive
Keep us alive
the tattoo on your arm reminds you of death
And friends who ...

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Fields Of White

There you are looking lonely
But you are definitely not looking homely
We would make such a great team
Walking in fields of white
With fluffy cotton under our feet
When you kiss me I feel so very light
In the air there's a rhythm, a beat
Walking in fields of white
Holding each other so very tight

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