Madina Morr

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Biography of Madina Morr

I am a young muslim writer.
I don't only write poems, i write horrors, dramas, and romance books too.
I am ecstatic to be a part of
I started writing a little before the age of 5 and i have been writing ever since.
Over the years i have performed many of my poems at: school, family events, parks, weddings, funeral, and theaters.
...I love to perform poetry more then i like to write it...I guess thats because no one can do what i can do.
Peole who have heard my poems have often said i am aggressive and stiff.
They say when i get on that stage i chang form a sweet, innocent girl, to an animal.
...That might be the case, but what they call aggressive, i call passionate.
I have been in over 10 events, and out off that 10, i have won 7 awards.
My whole goal in life is to be the best writer i can possibly be.

P.S. My name is Madina and i am a writer. Updates

Ready For A New Year

Im ready for a new year...
Well, maybe a new day.
Im just ready to be ok.
No more worry's and no more pain...
And do you think that's insane?
Im just ready to be done.
I can't say this year was fun,
but even now, i have no regrets.
what i have been threw has yet to be put to rest.

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