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Im just a girl...... i dont like people who start trouble. i like to write poems about how i feel rather than tell people my feelings.. i enjoy being with my friends and writing poems... i like to spend time on facebook my name is madison ann on facebook.. i want to publish a poetry book soon.. i sleep everynight with a 5foot teddy bear and a 7lb chihuahuaa. i tend to do what i want and if you dont like it get over it.. if you start something be shure u can finish cause i will. i have lots of kinds of poems and i try to updat as often as i can.... my ultimate goal is for people to see my poems and see if i can ever be good at poetry...... :) enjoy my page please Updates


Talk to my face, not my back
You're so weak and thats a fact.
Talk to your friends and think you're cool
buzz of is my number one rule
... make up secrets make up lies
They know you're lying by the look in your eyes
Call me names for your satisfaction
The way you acts not an attraction
give meh the look then bat your eyes

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