Madison Nicole Brown (Yeater)

Biography of Madison Nicole Brown (Yeater)

I am Madison Yeater.
I tend to be on the shy side.
Im self concious and i dont open up very well.
Im afraid of what people will think of me.
I can be kind, friendly, and your best friend.
Make me mad, and you will pay.
I write to express my feelings.
Of both good and bad types of pain and happiness.
Im extremely weak yet extremely strong.
Inside im a child. Outside im a hero.
I linger on my past, but ponder over the future.
I am a deep thinker, a bit passive, sometimes aggressive.
I am dependable, caring, and responsible.
I am a sister, a daughter, a role model to some.
What you see is who i am, its what you get.
Ive been through hell and back.
Ive been abused, beaten, sexually assaulted.
Had a mother who hated me, and no friends to rely on.
I have a lot of emotional problems.
But im not afraid of you.
So dont judge me or my actions.
This is who i am.

Please comment on my pieces if you wish, and enjoy what i have to offer.

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