Madison Parnell

Rookie (04/20/96 / Alabama)

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well im only 14 years old. and i have been writing my poems since about march of 2010. most of these are about my first love. he was my first love, first kiss, and eventually even took my virginity. Ive known him since December 16th,2010. so yeah not that long. but some of my poems are about the death of my mother on March 8th,2008. i miss her a lot but i know there are other things to be sad about. umm lets see. i was born in alabama in 1996. i have a facebook and i post my poems in my notes on there too if you would like to look at those. so yeah. i would really appreciate if you rated my poems. (: Updates

Fallin In Love?

have you ever fallin in love
and thought they didnt care?
have you ever felt like crying
because never again would they be there

have you ever watched them walk away
not wanting them to go?
and whispering 'i love you'
not wanting them to know?

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