Madison Riffle

Rookie (7/24/1993 / Langley, Virginia)

Biography of Madison Riffle

I was born at the Langley Air Force Base in Langley, Virginia while my father was in the U.S. Navy. He soon finished his service and we moved near family in West Virginia before I was a year old. I have lived in West Virginia ever since and am currently a student at Alderson Broaddus University with intentions to go to Seminary after graduation.

I write in my free time, but only on such occasions that I feel inspiration. I have been told I have potential and am trying to live up to that.

I also enjoy playing my guitar, snuggling up with a good book, baking, and hanging out with friends. Updates

Love's Abuse

See me here, sitting on my own
Join me quietly so I'm not alone
Wrap your arms around me
Make me feel at home
Look into my eyes to see what's lurking there
Give me a smile, just to show you care
But if you say you love me
It might be more than I can bear
So hold me closely to you

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