Maelisha Coleman

Rookie (08/15/1986 / indianapolis)

Biography of Maelisha Coleman

I am a college student going for my masters in Business Marketing. Writing poems is just a side job I like to do and I hope one day to have them published so everyone can read them and can relate to what my poems mean.

Maelisha Coleman's Works:

I haven't published any yet but one day I hope to. Updates

The Man In The Mirror

The reflection I see is not the person on the other end
The person on the other end has no shame
He walks and talks like there is no one else
Then he sits and thinks of a new plan
A plan of self righteous or self destruction
The path of the righteous is so reluctant
But God is there watching his next move
Seeing if he will come to the light or stay a fool
Falling for false prophets instead of the image of God

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