magali rodriguez

Rookie (12/30/94 / Los Angeles)

Biography of magali rodriguez

Magali Rodriguez was born on December 30,1994 to Wendy Castillo and Epemenio Rodriguez.She is the second eldest of five children. Her mother is from Honduras and her father is from Mexico.Her parents were never married but were together and lived together for 10 years. She has 2 half sisters,1 half brother, and 1 real sister. She has always lived in California. But she moved on alot, she has lived in South Central Los Angeles and Gardena. She currently resides with her family in Los Angeles, California. She has always wanted to be a writer, when she was little she used to write in this notebook but about songs. But one day her sister got it and read to her family, Magali was so shy and sad that she stopped writing and she forgot her notebook. But the words never stopped going to her mind. When Magali got to 7th grade she started writing again but poetry.She says 'Everything inspires me, there so much out there to see', she says.She also says, 'This is what makes me happy, writing is so wonderful, so powerful and there are so many words waiting to be used and connected.' She is also learning to play the piano but she herself teacher. She is also an addict to music she cannot live without music nor reading words in books and of course writing.
She is also writing her first book its all about poetry. But she has stories in her mind that are waiting to be written. She is so thankful to God and her Savor Jesus and her mother, she says 'Without them I'm simply nothing and have nothing but a name.' Updates

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