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From my childhood, I have wondered about Magic Box. Anything and everything asked was coming from a magic box I saw in fourth standard magic show. I firmly believe as such a box exists in this world and that is called mind. My mind. Your mind. Ask anything to it, it'll give you, as long as you are sincere in your need.

So I adapted that 4th standard Magic show and continue to realise my dreams/put effort to realise my dreams by way of using my magic box.

I experience moodswings (depression-recovery, depressoin-recovery) and that reflect my poems. I am not really passionate about being a poet, but I have a vague dream of being a writer. I deleted many of my poems and almost all of my comments on this site a day when I was thinking of something stupid, but was brought back reality after a bitter, yet most fortunate experience.

I am undergoing a tough phase of my life, hence I cant really think free. I want to stay in touch with you all and remain in this site. Thus I hope I can overcome my struggles!

To name all would be difficult, yet there are a few people in this site who helped and continues to help me from becoming a mad man. Such as Valsa Ma'am, Dinesh Sir, Hari Sir, Shahzia Didi, Kavya Akka and my sweet Payal. I owe them a lot.

I also thank David Sir, Heather Ma'am and Geetha Ma'am for supporting my writes.

I believe in God but have no faith in any structured religion, not because they dont make any sense, but I'm comfortable this way.

Hope you like this magic box! Updates

Lahari (Malayalam)

Pranayam oru lahari
Athil njanoru chashakam
Nirayunnithu madhuram
Nin priyamaam hrudayam!

Ninavukalude kaattil
Padarunna kinakkal
Njanaashikkum swargam!

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