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Hi my real name is actually magic, it's just not my first name. I'm not going to pretend to be something I'm not, neither am I going to hide anything. My poetry is like a diary to me. I write about everything going on in my life. People being rude, parents disaproving, and betrayel. I write how I feel, and I won't hold anything back. I write what others may have experienced (nd if so feel free to talk to me about it) , and no not all my poems are through personal experience. Most of them are, but not all. I like to thank you for reading them. If u hav something to ask of me.. go ahead. Updates

Accept Me As I Am

No one hears my screams
Because I'm falling apart at the seams
But no one is on my team
And I silently cry
Wishing I would just die
Because I don't get treated right
People judge me because I stay away from the light!
They don't think I'm good enough
So I try to act tough

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