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Rookie (July 10,1993 / NoStalkersPlease)

Magic What'sHerName Poems

41. Go Green 9/12/2009
42. Drinking Beer Doesn'T Help 7/30/2009
43. A World Unknown 12/29/2009
44. *trapped* X 12/30/2009
45. How Will He Kill Me? 12/31/2009
46. Zombie X 2/5/2010
47. House Burned! 6/25/2009
48. The Sky Darkens 11/5/2009
49. My Poem For You! 6/23/2009
50. Segregation X 4/4/2009
51. Did You Ever...? X 5/18/2009
52. Murder 4/7/2009
53. I'M Sorry Mom 4/29/2009
54. Blow Me Away X 6/4/2009
55. Truth X 6/9/2009
56. Can Anyone Save Me? 6/24/2009
57. Is This Hell/Heaven/Earth? 6/22/2009
58. Save The Planet! 6/22/2009
59. R.I.P. Magic 6/24/2009
60. Reflection 4/7/2009
61. Beautiful X 5/13/2009
62. Depressed 5/13/2009
63. Did You...? X 4/4/2009
64. Friend... Enemy 4/3/2009
65. Scream 4/3/2009
66. I'M Broken 6/22/2009
67. Anywhere X 6/10/2009
68. ~the Town Is Burning! ~ 6/24/2009
69. What's After Death? 4/4/2009
70. Brother 4/4/2009
71. Accept Me As I Am 4/3/2009
72. *alone* 12/29/2009
73. *what's The Point? * 12/29/2009
74. *i Keep Asking Myself Why? * 12/29/2009
75. A Sad Tale 6/27/2009
76. *i Just Want To Be Me* 5/31/2009
77. *meth Addict! * 6/23/2009
78. *i...* 4/12/2009
79. *so Now How Does It Feel? * 12/31/2009
80. *i Can Hear...* 6/27/2009

Comments about Magic What'sHerName

  • Deborah Cromer Deborah Cromer (6/25/2009 10:11:00 AM)

    This poem reminds me of my poem 'Going'. I read the comment for you left by Alex Lewis and it's a good one. You can have hope and put that into your poems. Maybe years from now, someone will be reading your poetry and you might help them through a bad time. Share your strength and write about what gets you through. If you can help just one person, that makes a difference. Poetry is just more than words on paper, it changes people's lives. :) Deborah Cromer

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  • Alex Lewis (6/24/2009 3:01:00 PM)

    Hey Magic,

    After reading your poetry, I believe that you are a great modern-day poet (much like myself) . I see a writer's life for you! Also, do not be depressed. Without the family that you depresses you, you would have no inspiration for your poetry. I look forward to reading more of your poems.

Best Poem of Magic What'sHerName

*abuse Me*

I sit on the ground
I'm trying not to make a sound
I stare at my feet
Hoping he can't find me and beat
Me until I'm all bloody and worn
Believe me I could have sworn
He looked like a good guy
But hey people aren't perfect and they like to lie.

While I'm throwing rocks at a tree
I feel like I'm going to pay a fee
Soon he will find me
I'm too tired to run anymore!
He was such a poor
Man and I thought he needed me
But he used and abused me!
And now he's after me
He wants what he can't have
I cried and all he did was laugh
How could he be...

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Hurting Me

This is not what I wanted
I'm not ready to die for you
I hope you realized that I love you
But this is more than I need
I'm not going to take the lead

I'm not going to bleed
For someone who can't find the need
For an I love you

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