Magnus Tukkonen

Rookie (March 12,1989 / Northern Europe)

Biography of Magnus Tukkonen

Magnus Slavik Tukkonen Eisengaard was born on March 12th 1989, in what he describes as 'The Far North' of Europe. Many believe he was born on either Rudolf Island, (apart of Franz Josef Land) Russia, or Kvitoya, (Svalbard Islands) in Norway. Wherever he was born, he now lives in the northern most region of Finland, Utsjoki. Although it is known he resided in the Soviet Union for several years, during and after its collapse. It is obvious he feels Finland to be his home, he uses Tukkonen as his surname (this is actually his grandmother's maiden name) instead of his actual surname, wich is Eisengaard.

Magnus Tukkonen is known (regionally) as a poet. Some of his writings include 'Extremist Revoution' and 'Middle Eastern Shields.' He is starting to become more global and is beginning to put his works on the internet.

The mysteries of his place of birth and refusing to acknowledge Eisengaard as his last name are just the beginning of the things Tukkonen keeps to himself. Despite it is known that the Tukkonen can converse in Finnish, Swedish, Russian, English and Icelandic he only writes in English.

Tukkonen has travelled a lot in his short life. 'It is to find inspiration, and education...those who write on topics they know nothing about do not appreciate the art of poetry, they are opinionated snobs.' Tukkonen describes his reasons for travel to a journalist. He has travelled across Europe, Russia, North America, Australia and Antarctica, to find inspiration for his works.

As Tukkonen is only eighteen, his talents as a writer are still developing. His poems have themes such as terrorism, children, and political issues. Surprisingly he doesn't writh about death as a genrality, being as both his parents died in 2000. He has lived a solitary life in a rural region only leaving to travel.

If you have any questions about Magnus Tukkonen please e-mail his representitive.

Seppo Kuusi (Magnus Tukkonen's Personal Rep) Updates

The Sin Of You And I

I am arrogant.
I am patriotic.
I am a capitalist snob.
I am rude to others.
I am a melting pot.
I cannot travel anywhere and receive respect.
I am unlike You.

You are humble.

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