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  • ''Breathe yours in your own tongue but let lips pronounce in English. you may fist this world in your hand!''
    Are you a non native of English language but need English to survive? Breathe in your language but speak always in English.
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  • ''Don't be a fool blaming one for his inadequate skills. Skills are earned not only of learning but an in born asset!''
    Don't expect from one as you be good in skill at an area. He may be good in skill at another area. The surprised nature is that every one is good in skill at an area!
  • ''80 is a brought up and 20 is learned''
    One's skills is a property which he has in born, a little amount is only polished through his learning process!

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Fools Make Blunders

People you, who you are, are you fool?
Job given, what it is, follow blunders?
Brain designed, god has done, do you have it?
Blunders stealing hiding robbing, don't, , you know?

Blunders they who they are, Ruler yours!
How are you calling them? a king or a queen?
Oh! you are in modern world, aren't you?
Having names plenty of check in below!

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