Mahmoud Sami Al Baroudi

(1838-1904 / Iraq)

Biography of Mahmoud Sami Al Baroudi

Mahmoud Sami Al Baroudi poet

Mahmoud Sami el-Baroudi (1838–1904) (Arabic: محمود سامي البارودي‎) was a significant Egyptian political figure and a prominent poet. He served as Prime Minister of Egypt from 4 February 1882 until 26 May 1882. He was known as rab alseif wel qalam ("lord of sword and pen").

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Ask The Spacious Giza

Ask the spacious Giza about the two pyramids of Egypt,
so that you may know the secret of that unknown to you.
Two structures repelling the assault of ages.
what a wonder is their overcoming of this assault.
They stood despite the calmities of ages
to prove the glory of their builders in the world.
How many nations have perished and ages lapsed
while they remain the wonder of the eye and the mond .

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