Mamunur Rahman Kayes 27 November 2020
Very attractive picture like a poet
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Terry Craddock 06 October 2020
Mahtab Bangalee is my poet friend. I have found great joy in reading his poetry and been inspired to write poems in celebration of his poetic gift. Mahtab claims to be a novice yet in his best poems, he writes with the pure joy honesty true poets write into great poems, even masterpieces.
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Terry Craddock 06 October 2020
Mahtab knows poetry is his treasure of thought, Mahtab knows poetry is his property of knowledge. Mahtab knows it is his pleasure to express how he like. All rules, forms, styles of his poetry writing are his choice, a pure spontaneous stream of my thoughts. I know this because Mahtab has told me and knowing this I know Mahtab has a destiny as a great poet.
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Soumen Chatterjee 12 August 2020
More or less I read your all poems and I have to flow your some distinguish poetical thought. you are a real poet though you are my little brother but I pay my homage to you and your poetical imagination.You are requested to select my some poems which you think as poet, that those poems are really expressed and make a good poetic image as I want to publish a book of collection of poetry. Take my love, soumenchatterjee59gmail
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Mohabeer Beeharry 31 May 2020
Yes you need to be free in body, mind and soul to understand things around. Here we live and we live not. We need to seek, understand and be thankful. Thank you for reading my writing. I do appreciate. God bless Mohabeer Beeharry
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Mahtab Bengalee very nicely defined birth in his poem" I am # 5, " " Birth is from the best love, from the faithful love of two biological soul." Again his such ideology is reflected in his poem " I died before my birth " as seen in the last lines, " I became sure that I died before my birth! Because-I'd not been born with the coscience of humanity." I think this lost of humanity is the biggest crisis amongst human beings.
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Harindhar Reddy 27 April 2020
Recently, I got a chance to have a glance at MAHTAB BANGALEE'S poetry. I'm amazed to say that there is keen and clean observation in his poetry ?? He really depicts human nature and mother nature side by side in his lovely poems ???? Spantaneous, raw and prestine flow of verses on animals and birds is commendable ?????? He poems are create vivid images on the mind of the reader. ?? ?????? Hope he grows into a ?????????? poet!
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jokhlaas 17 February 2020
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Soumen Chatterjee 14 February 2020
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Soumen Chatterjee 14 February 2020
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Geeta Radhakrishna Menon 09 February 2020
Your poetic buds will bloom into a tree of knowledge, Your poetic stalks will grow into branches of virtues, Your poetic petals will bloom into flowers of exceptional beauty, Your poetic leaves will fly with the wind with messages of love, Your poetic expressions will spread the fragrance of joy and peace.
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Geeta Radhakrishna Menon 09 February 2020
Mahtab Bangalee is a brilliant poet with a heart full of love for the humanity. For a poet so young, he has the wisdom of a Sage. i truly admire his poems. I wish you good luck, dear Poet Mahtab, in every aspect of your life and your chosen fields. God bless you!
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Soumen chattopadhyay 01 February 2020
Mahtab Banglee is philosopher poet.His contribution in Bengali literature is always appreciated.sir I want to communicate with you.I have read your poems and have inspired.Thank you My email soumenchatterjee59gmail
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Dr Antony Theodore 29 August 2019
O Love now you are the present the care of thyself the life the light of walking towards the future now you can write with thyself light lit up illuminate thy around and make the phase of thy present book with light....// i am simply taken up by his comments on poems. these are always poems in itself.. thank u dear Mahtab. God bless your noble heart. tony
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Dr Antony Theodore 29 August 2019
This is a comment written by dear Poet Mahtab. Mahtab's comments are very very fine and rich in thoughts. for lack of space i shall continue in the next column. Poem: 56561832 - We Have The Healing Gift. Member: Mahtab Bangalee Comment: Take, O Love take take the past ledger book on the laser light upon the every page of it look all writings are written by the darkness to remove the dark come to the present
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Prabir Gayen 31 July 2019
Mahtab a great poet of Bangladesh...a true heart ///
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Ink of Sin 22 July 2019
MB of BD metaphysical disciple of Socrates! ! !
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Jane Campion 23 June 2019
Mahtab, is a great thinker and poet.
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Denis Mair 23 June 2019
Here is companionship for soul travel. A dance in and out of words, making words into love's vessel. All things are dreams of themselves, and the dreams can only happen through love. This poet knows its intoxications. Bless him for his knowledge that is not easy to come upon, yet it is everywhere.
23 2 Reply
Yazdan Dariush 24 May 2019
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