Mailrangam Visvanathan Venkataraman

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Mailrangam Visvanathan Venkataraman Poems

1. Gain Using Brain 5/14/2009
2. Brains, Pains, Gains 5/16/2009
3. Dissimilarity In The Society 5/18/2009
4. Self-Appraisal: A Positive Rehearsal 5/19/2009
5. Fight And Write Victory Story 5/21/2009
6. For Achievement Life Is Meant 5/22/2009
7. Very Wise Self-Advice 5/29/2009
8. Theory To Overcome Weary And Gain Glee 5/10/2009
9. Saying Impossible Is Insensible 5/10/2009
10. Access To Success 5/13/2009
11. Indulgence In Useful Divulgence 6/7/2009
12. Mission Must Be Innovation 6/11/2009
13. With Love Winter I Encounter 6/12/2009
14. Hope Gives Scope 6/15/2009
15. Birth On This Earth 6/18/2009
16. My Observation For Peace Preservation 6/20/2009
17. Choosing Musing 7/16/2009
18. Moderation Stops Botheration 7/22/2009
19. Is Rebirth On Earth A Myth? 8/8/2009
20. Poems Storm Poemhunter.Com 8/19/2009
21. Useful Thought Achieves A Lot 9/20/2009
22. Questions Answered, Wisdom Transferred 10/2/2009
23. Nationalization Stopped Demoralization Of Indian Nation 10/2/2009
24. Poets Hunt-Play, Display And Outplay 10/21/2009
25. Agony During Train Journey 11/1/2009
26. Mailrangam-Visvanathan-Venkataraman 11/10/2009
27. Hopeless Human Beings Due To Misgivings 11/19/2009
28. Common Sense Loves Silence 12/6/2009
29. Jesus Alone Built Flesh And Bone 12/29/2009
30. Where Is Hell I Can Tell 1/15/2010
31. Two Hour Rail-Journey 4/11/2010
32. I Try And Do Not Cry 4/27/2010
33. Let Us Deal To Fully Heal 5/29/2010
34. Fetch Hope Through Positive Touch 6/15/2010
35. Quietude Is Fortitude 7/10/2010
36. Poemhunter Is A True Mentor 8/16/2010
37. Powerful Prayer Is Ever Useful 9/2/2010
38. Possess Patience For Success In Business 10/10/2010
39. Optimism Makes Enthusiasm Blossom 12/8/2010
40. Ability And Nobility Bring Prosperity In Plenty 2/25/2011

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Best Poem of Mailrangam Visvanathan Venkataraman

Sorrow Makes One A Hero Tomorrow

Without sorrow life is zero
We must accept fate's arrow
If our efforts are thorough
Our sorrow, God will borrow

Sorrows nicely shape our mind
Sorrows stop our being blind
Via sorrows, remedies we find
Sorrows are indirectly kind

In the absence of sorrow
Our mind does not grow
We think not like a hero
Our attitude is made narrow

Sorrows must be overcome
For which efforts we welcome
At last strong we become
This is sorrows' outcome

Our will-power, sorrows increase
To our heart, sorrows supply grease
Our talents, only sorrows ...

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Humor Is An Armor

Worry is an invisible tumor
But it can be cured by humor
With rage let not face simmer
As others’ faces must not become dimmer

Heart must teach tongue peace-grammar
Then it will not become a hammer
Harsh words do not even murmur
When anger comes become a mummer

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