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Mailrangam Visvanathan Venkataraman Poems

41. Behave Brave, God Will Save 7/17/2011
42. With Prayer-Torch You March 8/1/2011
43. Praising Exercising 6/25/2009
44. Start With A Smart-Heart 6/29/2009
45. Crimes Of Fate Bring Hard Times 1/28/2010
46. Dear Nature, My Godly Teacher 8/12/2011
47. Ways Of Indian Railways 8/22/2011
48. Are Bankers A Curse To This Universe? 8/31/2011
49. Gloom In My Heart-Room 9/5/2011
50. Pray And Close The Day 9/13/2011
51. Next Step Will Help Develop 9/23/2011
52. Contentment Is The Best Sentiment 10/7/2011
53. Fine Love Is Truly Divine 10/22/2011
54. Utilize Time By Being Wise 10/30/2011
55. Practice Please 11/22/2011
56. Quit Greed At Top-Speed 12/10/2011
57. Plan And Win Dear Man 1/9/2012
58. Begin Now And Then Win 1/29/2012
59. Truth Will Ever Soothe 2/19/2012
60. Bad Habits Bring Demerits 3/29/2012
61. Strong Health Makes Life Prolong 6/6/2012
62. Confidence Gives Rich Dividends 7/20/2012
63. Pluck To Enter Wedlock 9/14/2012
64. God And Angels March And Watch 10/24/2012
65. Bad Souls Make You Sad And Mad 12/8/2012
66. A True Friend, God Will Send 1/19/2013
67. Adjust And Live With True Interest 3/9/2013
68. Demerits Of Bad Habits 3/27/2013
69. Disgrace During One Of Those Days 6/22/2013
70. Peace Is Precious, So, Be Cautious 5/5/2013
71. Thought About Working Spot 10/16/2013
72. Understand To Take A Strong Stand 11/20/2013
73. Duty Is Loved By The Divinity 12/30/2013
74. Few Tips To Stop Slips 7/15/2014
75. Celebration In Avocation 10/18/2014
76. Try Hard For Problems To Die 6/2/2015
77. Prayer Cures When Time Injures 5/13/2016
78. Ode To Mr. Alfred Bernard Nobel (Swedish Academy) 3/3/2010
79. I Am A King While Working 7/9/2009
80. All Need Peace Indeed 6/23/2009

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Sorrow Makes One A Hero Tomorrow

Without sorrow life is zero
We must accept fate's arrow
If our efforts are thorough
Our sorrow, God will borrow

Sorrows nicely shape our mind
Sorrows stop our being blind
Via sorrows, remedies we find
Sorrows are indirectly kind

In the absence of sorrow
Our mind does not grow
We think not like a hero
Our attitude is made narrow

Sorrows must be overcome
For which efforts we welcome
At last strong we become
This is sorrows' outcome

Our will-power, sorrows increase
To our heart, sorrows supply grease
Our talents, only sorrows ...

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Brains, Pains, Gains

Thoughts went to the extreme
And so one brain discovered steam
It seems in man's esteem
Brain is the most supreme

Ship-invention through thought-waves
Helped man to overcome sea-waves
To laziness if men were slaves
Surely they would have remained in caves

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