Maja Dezulovic

Biography of Maja Dezulovic

Maja is a South African/Croatian writer. She spent her childhood in South Africa and her late teenage years in Croatia. After that, she spent some time hopping between Africa and Europe. Her lifestyle has allowed me her gain varied insights about life from different people and places. She has many interests, which come through in her work.
Her first book, the 360 Degree Heart - a poetic anthology, was published in July 2013, followed by her second anthology, Expressions of Humanity, in December 2013. Right now she is working on another anthology, a songbook and a dystopian fiction novel.

Maja Dezulovic's Works:

The 360 Degree Heart and Expressions of Humanity (both are available on Amazon Kindle) Updates

Hibidy Hibidy

it's a dance!
With you?
Not a chance!

I hibidy alone
for all the world to see,
young and old
original or cloned,
they stare entranced and with glee.

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