Majdoleen (Maggie) Sukayri

Rookie (December 8,1981 / Jordan)

Majdoleen (Maggie) Sukayri Poems

1. Dear Friend 3/18/2012
2. Departure At Sunrise 3/18/2012
3. Hiding & Free 3/18/2012
4. My Descent 3/18/2012
5. Please The Crowd 3/18/2012
6. Inferno; The Absence Of Innocence 3/18/2012
7. The Sum Of All Sins 3/18/2012
8. Today You'Re Mine 3/18/2012
9. Self-Love 3/18/2012
10. Souvenirs Of A Road Once Travelled 3/18/2012
11. Still 3/18/2012
12. Upsurge 3/18/2012
13. When You'Re Gone 3/18/2012
14. Good-Bye 3/18/2012
15. Nostalgia 3/18/2012
16. Into Her Grave 3/18/2012
17. Open Ending 3/18/2012
18. Other Place 3/18/2012
19. A Woman Who Once Loved 3/18/2012
20. Charisma 3/18/2012
21. Deja Vous 3/18/2012
22. Imprisoned 3/18/2012
23. Shifting In Wait 3/18/2012
24. Cruel Autumns 5/15/2012
25. To What End? 5/15/2012
26. Breaking Free… Breaking True 9/18/2012
27. Bequeathed Burden 3/18/2012
28. Broken Spirit 3/18/2012
29. Now That You'Re Gone 3/18/2012
30. Coffee Cup 3/18/2012

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Best Poem of Majdoleen (Maggie) Sukayri

Coffee Cup

Look at me as I crumble inside
Thinking of the unsung heroes of my life
This world is my destiny
Horizon, a line between us and what's beyond.
To think it only takes moments, no seconds, to have it all turn around

What I've got inside my head.
I'm losing grip and I'm falling
From this self-indulgent gaze for the outside
How does this fascinate the mind
When all this evaporates, when
I see your face in my coffee cup?
Sugar coated memories lie in the skies
Keys to times earth's rotation erased.
Are you ready for what's to be thrown at us?
We walk ...

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Broken Spirit

I sit here in the dark watching you
As you sleep away into the night
Color has slipped away quietly
Draining all your laughter away
You're being welcomed into the arms of death
You have nothing but will to hold on to
You are an angel of all angels

Dry eyes have long been forgotten

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