Majesty Mermaid

Rookie [Suzae] (4-11-92 / Sequentia Sea)

Biography of Majesty Mermaid

I am baby Majesty Mermaid and I am best friends with Melodie Mezoree' doll. I am the creation of Suzae Chevalier. I am here on planet Earth to make humans more aware of our oceans and to save the lives of our endangered aquatic life. Check out my website (you can get a free mermaid coloring book! I am the baby mermaid on Opal Octopus then check out my creator Suzae Chevalier's website at!

Majesty Mermaid's Works:

'Melodie's Mermaid Birthday', 'Sarah's Special Birthday', 'Unfreezing Prince Emeray', 'Sarah's Butterfly Birthday', 'Melodie's Butterfly Birthday' and 'Green Eyed Suzy Girl' Updates

Majesty Mermaid

There's a brown eyed mermaid
who lives deep in the sea,
she is a baby who is only three.
Her best friend's name is Melodie.
Now Melodie has a surprise for her,
It's a wig with lots of curls.
Colorful curls that glow in the dark,
same color as a costume shaped like a shark
Majesty will have a party by the lagoon,

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