Majesty Mermaid

Rookie [Suzae] (4-11-92 / Sequentia Sea)

Biography of Majesty Mermaid

I am baby Majesty Mermaid and I am best friends with Melodie Mezoree' doll. I am the creation of Suzae Chevalier. I am here on planet Earth to make humans more aware of our oceans and to save the lives of our endangered aquatic life. Check out my website (you can get a free mermaid coloring book! I am the baby mermaid on Opal Octopus then check out my creator Suzae Chevalier's website at!

Majesty Mermaid's Works:

'Melodie's Mermaid Birthday', 'Sarah's Special Birthday', 'Unfreezing Prince Emeray', 'Sarah's Butterfly Birthday', 'Melodie's Butterfly Birthday' and 'Green Eyed Suzy Girl' Updates

Majesty Mermaid On Stage

Melodie likes Majesty,
she compliments her to a T.
She has the memory of going to
one of Zercon's cities.
Majesty goes on the Krendoll stage
to do comedy and entertain.
Majesty squishes her mermaid tail
she sings and she rings her bell.
Majesty does this while hanging upside down

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