Makayla Straight

Rookie - 40 Points (I was Born in Tuscon Then I moved to Phoenix)

Makayla Straight Poems

1. When I Am Sleeping 4/29/2009
2. You 4/29/2009
3. The Truth About You 4/29/2009
4. The Way I Feel 4/29/2009
5. The Deadly Sickness 4/29/2009
6. Why Am I In Love With You? 4/29/2009
7. Something Bein' Done 4/29/2009
8. The Best Memory 4/29/2009
9. The Promise 4/30/2009
10. My Needs 4/30/2009
11. That Girl 4/30/2009
12. The End Is Coming 4/30/2009
13. The Person I Never Knew That Was In Me 4/30/2009
14. Mysterious 5/6/2009
15. With You 5/9/2009
16. No More You! ! ! ! ! 5/26/2009
17. Questions About Will You Love Me 5/26/2009
18. Today Is The Day 5/26/2009
19. Too Bad 5/26/2009
20. When My Time Comes Again 5/26/2009
21. When We Are Together 5/26/2009
22. When You Come Around (When) 5/26/2009
23. When You Do This I Feel Loved 5/26/2009
24. Who Says 5/26/2009
25. Wonderful 5/26/2009
26. Sickness 5/26/2009
27. My Bed Time 5/26/2009
28. The Rain 5/26/2009
29. Here I Am 6/8/2009
30. On The Way 6/25/2009
31. Rememeber 6/25/2009
32. The Thought Of Me Having You 6/25/2009
33. The Stars 6/25/2009
34. How Do You Forgive? 6/25/2009
35. What Am I Doing 6/25/2009
36. Your A Man With... 7/19/2009
37. My Boyfriend Who Is Everything 7/19/2009
38. What Is Going On? 7/19/2009
39. The Night Of The Century 2/15/2010
40. Please Please Don'T Leave Me 2/15/2010

Comments about Makayla Straight

  • LCPL Hawk (12/2/2014 2:30:00 AM)

    MaKayla you are an amazing Poet. I love you so much and I am so glad I get to call you my wife.

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  • Sandy Player Sandy Player (12/29/2012 12:07:00 PM)

    Sharp and piercingly intelligent are words for some of these poems. A great range of techniques skilfully employed; yet never being mechanical, but brutally personal and original. Methinks a poet to check out.

  • Adam Reed Adam Reed (5/14/2011 12:31:00 PM)

    you seem smart, you rhyme well, need i say more? awesome poet! lol

  • Frank Fonkie (4/28/2011 8:16:00 AM)

    I don't know why you aint got any commend yet so i guest i'm the first one. Once some's your life it will always be. Good work keep it up. I like your way

Best Poem of Makayla Straight

60 Seconds With God

Makayla you have to change.

I listened to what God told me.

Promise me Makayla, you'll show me your good side. I know it seems you have nobody to talk to. You think cares and love you. your WRONG. Makayla you have a lot of people all over this world who cares and loves you. You just need to love yourself to see it.

That 60 seconds with God changed my life. I opened my eyes to what is right in front of my eyes. Instead of looking beyond.. All I had to do is look right in fornt of me.

Read the full of 60 Seconds With God

When I Am Sleeping

When I am sleeping I can't help thinking about you. I can't help wondering if you really love me like the way I love you. I can't seem to stop thinking about you. I can't help dreaming that you will always love me and never break my heart. When I am sleeping I can't help think about what you might be doing. I can't seem to think without you in my m

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